What is Nigel Works Ltd.?
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Nigel Works Ltd. is a computer consulting firm that assists consumers and small medical businesses in making computer purchases, installing hardware and software, developing web sites, internet marketing, training, and assistance in completing specific projects. Of course, all of this work is done at the lowest possible price and with the effort to actually free the client from the need to hire computer consultants in the future. In other words, we aim to teach our customers not only how to use their computers, but how to access the resources to continue learning about their computers without our help. We are located in Baltimore, MD and are willing to work onsite in the Southern PA-Baltimore-Washington area.

How does that work in the real world? Take a look at our examples page for descriptions of our current and completed projects and see some of the results. Take a look at our services page for a list of what we can do.

So, who are the folks behind Nigel Works Ltd.?

Nigel Works is run by two guys named Adam. (And we are not related.)

Adam J. Weinstein is a nephrology fellow at the University of Maryland Hospital in Baltimore.  To supplement his humble wages, Adam helps run Nigel Works. Adam is a graduate of Franklin & Marshall College, the University of Maryland School of Medicine, and the University of Maryland Hospital internal medicine residency program. He has been involved with computer consulting since 1993. However, Adam has been futzing with computers (and other things that blink and use electricity) since the age of seven.

Adam M. Cohen is currently doing research for the Chemical Engineering Department of the Johns Hopkins University. During the summers, he is the Program Director of Camp Saffran, Broad Creek Memorial Scout Reservations. All this leaves him with a desire to work more and thus his job with Nigel Works Ltd.

How can I contact Nigel Works Ltd.?

Adam Weinstein is the contact person for Nigel Works and can be reached most easily by e-mail at weinstein@nigelworks.com or you can give him a call at home at 410-821-6631. 

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