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Below is a list of our most recent projects, explained by the problem presented to us, our solution, and the current status of that solution. If you would like to contact any of these people or businesses as a reference let us know.

Past Projects...

Project: Develop website for Lisa and Josh's Wedding.
Solution: Developed an easily navigable web site with links to pictures from the event.
Status: Complete.

Project: Develop wedding web site for Rock and Chris.
Solution: Developed an easy to use web site that reflects the couple's tastes.
Status: Complete.

Project: Develop website for Accredidation Commision for Audiology Education.
Solution: Developed an easily navigable web site for ACAE.
Status: Complete.

Project: Develop a website for a Baltimore engineering technology consulting company.
Solution: Developed a website that reflects the nature of the work, is easily navigable, and clearly presents the services of the company .
Status: Cancelled in Mock-up stage.

Project: Synchronize JHU rheumatology database with Palm PDA for easy data entry on study subjects in clinic.
Solution: Used FMSync for Jfile, Jfile 4.1, and exisiting Filemaker databases.
Status: Testing.

Project: Develop and maintain a web site for Adam and Andrea's Wedding.
Solution: Developed web site that is easily updated, easily navigable, and clearly presents information (and commentary).
Status: Complete.

Project: Create online, searchable member database for the Maryland Academy of Audiology.
Solution: We used a commercial Perl/CGI database engine to create and easily modified searchable database that is accessable through any web browser.
Status: Complete.

Project: Redesign the web site for Temple University political science professor Robin Kolodny.
Solution: Organized and reformatted information such that Dr. Kolodny's web site can be used to disseminate information for her classes and as a marketing tool for her writing and speaking work.
Status: Complete

Project: Create a database that allows for patient tracking for a study of Lupus being run by JHU Dept. of Rheumatology.
Solution: Crated a database in FileMaker Pro that is a computerized version of the forms used in clinic. This aided data entry and improved the accuracy of recorded information while allowing for easy storage and transfer of study data.
Status: Complete.

: Research and advise a Baltimore area psychiatrist on the feasibility of creating video conference based group therapy.
Solution: Contacted multiple companies, researched current and future directions of video conferencing hardware and software.
Status: Complete.

Project: Create a Palm and PC based database for a group of Ob-gyn residents to track their cases for accreditation and licensing purposes.
Solution: Used Microsoft Excel 2000 on the PC and Tiny Sheet for the Palm to create an easily synchronized system by which residents could record new cases on their Palm organizers and then back up and print out the information in Excel.
Status: Complete.

Project: Create a scheduling database for a group of Baltimore area Ob-gyns.
Solution: Used Filemaker Pro 5.0 to create a database that rapidly produced schedules for the doctors.
Status: Complete.

Project: Assist Audiology Associates Inc. in digitizing the floor plan of new office space.
Solution: Blueprints and on-site work provided information needed to layout the new proposed floor plan for office space in Adobe Illustrator.
Status: Complete.

Project: Update Patient Trakker database, surgery patient tracking software for residents and medical students, to version 2.0.
Solution: Clarify portions of the user interface, standardize the text of buttons and screens, update the data entry fields, and add more sort options.
Status: Complete and available for download.

Project: Create an e-commerce web site for Elite Linen Systems.
Solution: Web site with clear user interface and easy ordering was devised and implemented. E-commerce was provided through cybercash.
Status: Complete.

Project: Assist OMNI 1 productions in cleaning up their web site and train them to create their own web pages.
Solution: Both over the phone and on site we helped rework some of the graphics, advised on software to purchase, solved technical problems with their Macs. Additionally provided some training and encouragement in overcoming "bumps" in the learning curve of web design.
Status: Complete.

Project: Develop and implement an online hearing test for Audiology Associates Inc. (Click here for info.)
Solution: After exploring various development environments, the online hearing test was created as an interactive Quicktime movie. This maximized cross-platform compatibility as well as minimized total file size which as of version 1.0 was 258K! Sales of the online hearing test to other audiology firms as well as customization are ongoing.
Status: Version 3.5 is complete.

Project: Web site for Lustman and Cohen, LLC. at
Solution: Worked with Lustman and Cohen to create a web site that was unique in appearance but provided easy access to information such as locations, hours, and directions to the offices.
Status: Complete

Project: Web site and Internet Marketing for SurgiSolutions
Solution: Worked with SurgiSolutions to create a web site that creates an image while maintaining a clean and user-friendly distribution point for their software. In addition, the web site is built with the ability to expand into accepting credit card orders and other e-commerce activities.
Status: On hold.

Project: Introduction to Audiology Video for Audiology Associates, Inc.
Solution: Wrote, directed, filmed, and digitally edited a 12-minute video entitled Your Hearing, Your Life, Your Audiologist. A second, generic edition of the video is currently being sold to other audiologists for use in their practices.
Status: Complete

Project: Web site redesign for Audiology Associates Inc.
Solution: Created a thematically unified web site that is free of clutter, allowing customers easy access to the wide variety of information the site provided.
Status: Complete

Project: Develop a curriculum that will introduce a Lawyer to her computer, some basic software, and how to most effectively use the system.
: Arranged ten 2 hour lessons including specific assignments and a written set of notes that focused not only on specific skill building, but how to independently learn about her computer.
Status: Complete

Project: Web site for The Maryland Academy of Audiology
(Note: The server on which the site is located does not work well. Some graphics might not appear without hitting reload a few times.)
Solution: Developed web site that provides Audiologists in Maryland with timely information regarding the Academy. The site also provides consumers with links to helpful information about audiology.
Status: Complete

Project: Advise a small Baltimore area company on computers and software to purchase that is flexible enough for graphics, accounting, and internet work. In addition provide continual support and technical assistance on various projects.
Solution: Chose appropriate Mac model that has been upgraded as needed since 1995. The addition of software, peripherals and additional computers, with technical assistance along the way, continues on an as-needed basis.
Status: On going

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