Contact Nigel Works! How much will it Cost?

While we prefer to work with computers running the MacOS, we are fully capable of working with Windows. Just about any project we work on can be made to work on both Mac and Windows based computers.

Web Site Design
We will work with you to organize, design, and deploy a website for you or your business.

Web Site Hosting
We can host your web site at a surprisingly low cost. We offer all the services and features of their individual hosting accounts at a much more competitive rates.

Multimedia/Database Software Design
We can create Filemaker Pro databases and interactive Quicktime movies to meet whatever software needs you have.

Consultation Service
We can work with you to aid in the process of choosing the right combination of computer hardware and software that best meets your needs.

We will develop an individualized curriculum with assignments and tutorials for you to learn how to use your computer and software.

Digital Video
We have the capability to organize, film, edit, and add graphics to video projects for every need from capturing miniDV, Digital8, and SVHS tapes to web-based video.

Anything Else?
Talk to us. If you have a specialized need or a service you don't see here we can still help.

What Will My Project Cost?

Each project is different and thus, much of our work requires custom pricing. Having said that, we do have some typical pricing. For example, a web site project costs about $75/hour while individualized training costs about $100/hour. Contact Nigel Works for an exact quote on your project.

How can I contact Nigel Works Ltd.?

Adam Weinstein is the contact person for Nigel Works and can be reached most easily by e-mail at or you can give him a call at home at 410-821-6631.

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